Bobacup is a premium boba tea and dessert cafe located in Tampa, Florida. Bobacup was refreshing its brand and wanted to do a full website redesign. In addition to the website redesign, we also changed hosting solutions. The primary goal for this redesign was to improve user experience with a minimalist and mobile-friendly design.
Bobacup website screenshot

The Problem

Bobacup was refreshing its brand and needed a new website design to match their desired aesthetic. Their old website used WordPress and had a plugin that allowed them to have an online ordering system that synced with their in-store POS solution. However, they no longer wanted to provide online ordering and wanted a more modern website. By moving away from WordPress, I was actually able to save Bobacup money on hosting and also provide them with a more secure solution through a static website.

Bobacup Home Old

Research and Design

I used Google Analytics and some user feedback on the old Bobacup website to help with the design of the new website. We were able to see that over 75% of their users were mobile users, so it was clear that we needed to have a mobile-first approach with the redesign. In addition, user feedback provided some useful insights, which included that some users felt the website had too much text for mobile and the website looked dated. Overall, our primary goal for this redesign was to improve user experience with a minimalist and mobile-friendly design.

Bobacup Mockup


The owners wanted their Instagram feed (@mybobacup) to be displayed on the homepage because their social media is a big part of their digital marketing and networking. We fetch the data from Instagram to automatically display their Instagram's feed.

Since the content on the website would not be changed very much, we did not need a very complicated CMS solution. The website actually uses Google Sheets to manage the menus and other information about the business. We decided to use Google Sheets because it is free, the API has good documentation, and the Bobacup staff were all familiar with Google Sheets.

Bobacup Home Full


Since launch, we have noticed an increase of use and users were able to find the information they were looking for quickly on both desktop and mobile. I also received positive feedback from staff on how easy it was to alter information on the website. It is always a great experience working with local businesses.