David Gaddis Ross

David Gaddis Ross

David Gaddis Ross conducts research on strategy and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on gender, inclusion, and formal methods. He is currently a professor at the University of Florida. Dr. Ross wanted a website to start developing his own brand because he is currently writing a book.

David Gaddis Ross
David Gaddis Ross

Tech Used

The Planning

Dr. Ross and I had an initial consultation a local coffee shop where we discussed what he wanted on the website and what options he had. He wanted to keep costs down, but also have a user-friendly interface where he could make edits whenever he needed. In the end, we decided to go with Squarespace!

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Content and Design

In addition to assisting Dr. Ross with domain registration and account setup, we had a photo session around the University Florida campus to have some pictures of him on the website and his social media pages.

He had a pretty good idea of what information he wanted on the website, so he provided me with all the written content. He wanted the website to be kept simple and clean, so we went for a minimalist design.

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