Instagram Analytics

This analytics dashboard for @blessupkola is a JAMstack website using React and Google Sheets. It provides visual data about followers and engagements to track Instagram growth progress.
Instagram Analytics
Instagram Analytics website screenshot

Tech Used

The Problem

My colleague and I were growing an Instagram for her pup as a side project to learn more about social media and marketing. We quickly found out that most websites, especially free ones, used to track social media growth would only enter new data entries if they were manually triggered to by a user. We wanted a more automated way to track daily and monthly growth and projections.

I was already using Google Sheets to track growth for my own personal Instagram, which you can read about in my blog post Instagram Analytics with Google Sheets.

Instagram Analytics Mockup

Visualizing the Data

Since Google Sheets was doing most of the heavy lifting, we just needed to fetch and display the data in a useful manner, so that it was easier to process the data. A table was used to display the data for the recent 30 entries and had our averages and projections also shown. We used charts/graphs to easily see and compare the daily data. The most recent Instagram posts were also displayed with their amount of likes and comments to see engagement across each post.

Instagram Analytics Charts
Instagram Analytics Posts


This was a fun side project, and I learned a lot about social media. The project was also completely free since it is currently hosted on Netlify and the data is provided from Google Sheets. One foreseeable problem is that the script being used on the Google Sheets spreadsheet can stop working at any time because it is reliant on Instagram's code.