OfflineTV is a group of very prominent online content creators that live together. A colleague and I are fans and we thought it would be a fun project to create a website together. It was a good learning experience as both we have never worked with's API before. This project was not officially affiliated with OfflineTV.
OfflineTV website screenshot

Tech Used

The Idea and Planning

My colleague Craig and I noticed that OfflineTV did not have an official website. We thought it would be a cool side project to work on as we have never worked with Twitch's API and we thought other people would appreciate the website too.

We knew that we wanted to have online indicators and a switchable embedded player on the homepage above the fold because they would be the most used. In addition, on the homepage, we provided the latest VOD, video on demand of their past broadcasts, for each member. Each member also has an individual page that displays their basic information, social media links, and a lazy loading, scrolling list of their VODs.

OfflineTV Mockup
OfflineTV Profile


We received a lot of positive feedback when we made a post about our project on OfflineTV's subreddit. We also received some suggestions that we did end up implementing. For example, many requested a theater mode for the embedded player on the homepage. Overall, it was a fun project to work on.